• I have a gift certificate or coupon, can I book online? - Unfortunately our system does not allow you to redeem gift cards or coupons online and it will automatically charge your card. Please call or email to schedule if you have one of these! 402-488-0026

  • Do I need to sign-up for the yoga classes online? - No, you can just show up to class. Any changes to the schedule can be found on our yoga schedule and events calendar on our homepage.

  • What to expect for my appointment – please plan to arrive early, discuss with your therapist any concerns or goals for your session. Feel free to let us know about pressure, temperature,  or any discomfort you experience during your appointment. We always do our best to exceed our guests expectations, but if there is something you specifically want worked on, do not be afraid to ask! This is your time for wellness!

  • Are children allowed? – children must be supervised at all times. Yoga classes: 12+ years or older.

  • Is it normal to break out after a facial? – YES! If you do not get regular facials, you may experience some purging afterwards. This is completely normal. Please let your skin care professional know of any allergies or concerns prior to your appointment. We want you to love your skin, please contact us if you experience anything other than dryness, or breakouts following your appointment so we can adjust our skin care routine for your skin type and needs!

Spa & Studio Etiquette:

  • Please arrive 5-10 mins early to your class or appointment. If you are new to Juniper you will need to fill out a health history form.

  • Please note, we only have you fill out a health history at your first visit. It is your responsibility to inform your Skin Care professional about any changes to medications. Certain products can cause reactions on the skin if used while on medication. Please inform us of these changes prior to any future visits.

  • Please tell your therapist or instructor of any injuries or concerns prior to appointment or yoga class so we can better assess your needs.

  • This is a quiet, peaceful environment, we do our best to keep chatter to a minimum. Please use soft voices as to not interrupt other guest experiences.

  • Tipping – not required, but very much appreciated! If you loved your treatment or appointment this is a great way to let us know.

  • Cancelling/rescheduling – we require a 24 hr notice if you cannot make your appointment. We need advanced notice to be able to fill your spot with a client that may be waiting weeks or more to get in! If you need to cancel or reschedule after the 24 hr limit, we do request prepayment the next time you book. No-shows will not receive a refund.

  • Remember, this is YOUR time! We want you to leave having a positive experience, let us know if there is anything we can do to help you feel more at OM.