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Hello Beautiful Kids Yoga Love Warriors!

Are you open to a new path? To becoming a kid’s yoga teacher in your community? Welcome to your KiDo Kids Yoga teacher training! Together we are creating a global community of kid’s yoga using only the best…therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils.

Two Day Teacher Training:
• how to play yoga with children ages 3-12
• how to build your essential oils business

Early Bird Registration Bonus (before February 8, 2019)
• free KiDo Kids Yoga deck of cards with script for teacher
• free signed mind-body health book written by Heather Kamala, titled: Zing Living, the 4 pillars of health
• free one hour coaching session with lead trainer, Heather Kamala

Cost $350 includes two-businesses-in-one:
• start teaching kid’s yoga serving ages 3-12 and their families
• build your essential oils business while building family health

Plus you will receive all of this:
• certificate which entitles you to teach KiDo Kids Yoga
• 11 essential oils, diffuser & wholesale membership with Young Living
• how to use Young Living essential oils safely with children
• deepen your yoga practice, posture and alignment
• learning the 6 Points to a KiDo Kids Yoga Class
• manual complete with YogaRhymes
• invitation to join our private Facebook group
• lesson plans to follow when teaching
• trouble shooting and the Universal Teaching Formula

Our KiDo Kids Yoga Teacher Training caters to all levels of yoga from super beginner to the more proficient. We are all beginners and we each develop our ‘Personal Practices’ a little every day.

We are a Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS) with Yoga Alliance.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

What makes us different from other kid’s yoga trainings?

• Our family adult yoga system, called Yogic Arts, is a blend of Ashtanga Yoga and elements of martial arts, as created by Master of Movement and Yogi to the Stars, Duncan Wong

• We use the first and best, Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils, with our children’s yoga as outlined in Heather Kamala’s book: Zing Living, the 4 pillars of health

• Heather Kamala, creator of KiDo Kids Yoga, is a pioneer in the world of natural childcare with her KiDo Kids Yoga preschool since 1999 offering seasonal storybooks with illustrations and matching lesson plans

• We created YogaRhymes, a sweet series of short poems that describe the yoga poses written by Heather Kamala, that teachers recite while doing the poses with the kids

• Brand new KiDo Kids Yoga deck of cards with YogaRhymes script

• The 6 Points of a KiDo Kids class help a teacher get a kick start to confidence and a way to automate lesson plans

• After our two day course is complete, we offer follow up ongoing coaching for our new teachers (not included in price)

• KiDo Kids Yoga is an opportunity to create two new businesses in one, yoga and essential oils lifestyle of health for yourself and your community so you can “Be the Change you Want to See in the World”

We are a grassroots family business and we welcome you to our yoga family with great Love and Respect.


Believe it or not, at the end of two days you’ll have enough material to get out and teach right away, whether it’s in a studio, classroom or just in your living room with your own kids or neighbors. We always encourage team work, team teaching and follow up trainings.
Stay in touch as KiDo Kids Yoga has career potential beyond just these first two days.

Imagine that, what we are about to learn, we’ve taught to over 300 students in places like Tokyo, Paris and Miami. You are becoming part of a global family and can connect with other KiDo Kids Yoga teachers in Asia, Europe and America.
We’re thrilled you have chosen to study with us. Those who wish to excel in their kid’s yoga careers will find ample support with us to do so.

About our Other Businesses:
We are Zing Living, spreading a health and yoga lifestyle with Young Living essential oils. We have lots of products, classes and guidance to get you on your path to health and wealth success.
And our preschool business of 18 years, called KiDo Kids yoga preschool, has given us the background in teaching how to inspire and play with small children.

Here’s an example of our famous opening YogaRhyme
(sitting cross legged, teachers recite and kids follow):
“This is our roof,
keeps us dry and warm,
hands together,
our heart is our home,
See YogaRhymes in action on our YouTube channel: