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October Specials and Yoga Schedule

October Special- $40 European Facials & 20% off SoHoney Jewelry.

Yoga Schedule

Monday 7:15 Gentle Yoga with Mindy

Tuesday 7:15 Beginners Flow with Kat/Casey

Wednesday 7:15 Spirit Hatha Flow with Nikkee

Events & Notices*

qtq80-fysqOBWhat a beautiful Fall it has been! We’re hoping this good weather holds out until our Open House Saturday November 26th! Join us from 11am-4pm for our annual Holiday SALE- Buy one, get one 50% OFF! This is our best deal of the year! We will have FREE wine tasting from Italy, appetizers, and artwork – as well as other local businesses to shop at, all in one place! What a great way to celebrate the holiday season and maybe stock up on gifts! ūüėČ

On another note…we have been working hard at the spa this year and a few things have been updated: Mindy & Michelle have finally joined forces (for good!) under the LLC – Juniper Spa & Yoga Studio, and¬†we’re in the middle of revamping our menu as well as many other future plans! We want to thank all of you for the love, support, and loyalty you’ve shown to us at Juniper over the years! We really appreciate each of you and would not be able to follow our dreams without you!

Here are some of the changes we’ve made moving forward:

As of December 1st, 2016:

We will no longer be offering complementary essential oils. Instead, we have decided to enhance your experience with our Juniper Signature Massage! Check it out Рthis new treatment begins with a hot Juniper infused towel placed along the spine to allow tight muscles to unravel and soften tension. Next, your therapist will custom blend essential oils that will be absorbed into your skin to deepen your sense of relaxation. Choose from a full body -stress relieving massage, or an area specific deep tissue to ease pain or discomfort. 60min $65, 90min $85.

Discount Program: As of December 1st, 2016 if you purchase any Punch Card you must sign up for our Discount Program. These appointments are to be used on a monthly, or bimonthly basis. We believe regular massages/facials are of the utmost importance to keep our guests healthy & happy, and those coming in on a regular basis should be allowed a price break.

Purchase a 3 card punch Рmust be used within 6months of purchase date, Purchase a 5 card punch Рmust be used within 10 months of purchase date.

*A few other things have been changed on our menu – 2hr massages are now available at $120.00, Couples Massage (Same room) $130, our dry brushing spa treatment (Garshana with Massage) is now $75.00.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to helping you stay Rooted in Wellness! Watch for our new menus and retail items to be available soon! Thank you!

Wishing you health this holiday season – <3

Juniper Spa & Yoga Studio, LLC

Upcoming Events:

Open House 11/26 11am-4pm

Wildtree Workshop 12/11 2pm – Order your food prep bundle online – Link on our Facebook page! Or contact us for more details about this delicious¬† event! (You’ll leave with 10 healthy meals, FREE of preservatives, additives, chemicals, and GMOs!)





September Special

September has arrived! So has our new monthly special:

Enjoy a relaxing 60min massage, followed by an Apple Cider

Foot Scrub for only


This treatment includes a full body massage, apple cider sugar foot scrub to exfoliate and soothe rough, tired soles.

-Warm wet towels are then used to remove the product & cleanse the feet.

Your therapist will finish by massaging the feet with cocoa body butter to revitalize, stimulate & hydrate!

Book Now 24/7 online!



August Special

Thank you to all our vendors & everyone who attended our Open House this last weekend! We had a blast seeing old friends & meeting a few newbies to the spa! We are looking forward to August with a sense of gratitude and love for you all!

August Special:

Book any appointment at Juniper this month & you will receive a FREE vial of your favorite essential oil to take home with you! Pick one or make a personalized blend! We will be happy to make recommendations & suggestions for different ailments!

Check out some of our favorite:

Lavender & Juniper – Great for calming your mood & relieving muscle tension

Peppermint – Helps relieve headaches, anti-inflammatory properties, cooling

Most Citrus scents РUplifting, happy, & energizing

Patchouli – Earthy & grounding

Bergamot – Light citrus scent, helps combat depression

Book your appointment today & take advantage of this wonderful monthly special!


or Book Online 24/7 for your convenience!

~Rooted in Wellness~





What is Juniper? ~ Roots in Wellness ~

We get asked this question a lot! Why did you name your spa Juniper? What is Juniper? Well….to answer your question:

Junipers are a type of shrub or tree from the cypress family & there are about 67 different species of it throughout the world. These trees have long needle-like leaves, clusters of small blue-berries and deep contorted roots. Juniper essential oil (distilled from the berries) have a long history of traditional uses & healing benefits:

juniper branch

The ancient Greeks burned juniper branches to combat epidemics. The English burned it as well, and hoped its magical powers would repel evil spirits, negative forces and illnesses. Ancient Egyptians used the berries in cosmetics and perfumes. Europeans regarded juniper oil as a miracle cure for typhoid, cholera, dysentery, and tapeworms. Tibetans still use juniper as a purification incense, while Native Americans burn it in their cleansing ceremonies. Holistic medicine also embraces juniper, and considers it a highly versatile and therapeutic oil.

Juniper essential oil stimulates blood circulation & helps to ease general muscular aches and pains. Juniper can help with cases of stress, anxiety and general burn-out. Its overall effect on the emotional system is one of strengthening and cleansing, helping to dispel negative emotions. 

We decided to name our spa Juniper because of it’s long, rich history of healing – both mentally & physically. Juniper is like a breath of fresh air that revitalizes your entire system.

Juniper Massage & Spa – Rooted in Wellness



YOGA by Brittney

Yoga is everything to me – a gift, a resource, therapy, exercise, meditation, medicine… I believe I was born to teach this practice. Yoga is my talent, my passion and the thing that inspires me most.¬†In each class,¬†I will share myself, my soul, my truths, my vulnerabilities, experience, strength and hope.

I believe life is just school for your eternal soul. Yoga is the vehicle through which I choose to learn and apply myself. The ultimate goal of Yoga, which literally means Union, is to connect your physical, emotional, spiritual, etheric, mental and energetic bodies with that of the universe.

Yoga is not a religion, but a deep science of chakra activation to develop your body, mind and spirit – leading you to higher levels of awareness and consciousness.


The most important aspect of yogic philosophy is based on self-realization.

Yoga is a powerful, historical tool to help blossom you into your full human potential. The practice provides means to burn through your blocks, transform suffering into happiness and sickness to health. Like life, yoga is a journey, not a competition. We aim for progress rather than perfection with the asanas, yamas and niyamas (which I will delve into later).

Through this meditation in motion, with loving intention, I teach you to breathe and bend, so that you don’t break. I hope you’ll join me in class! In love and light, NAMASTE – Brittney

Happy New Year & Upcoming February Spa Packages:

Happy New Year! So glad you’ve decided to stop by our blog! We have extended our Holiday Special through January: 60min Hot Stone Massage with Pomegranate Facial for $100.00!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Here is an early look at the offers we will be having during February:

Valentine’s Day Spa-Packages:

Champagne Dreams: $110.00 – Indulge yourself in a 2 hr spa treatment that includes a Champagne back scrub, followed by a Full Body Massage with Strawberry Body Butter & finishes with our Juniper Signature Facial & 2 additional enhancements!

Chocolate & Roses: $90.00 – This spa package includes our popular European Facial, in addition to a Back Scrub using Rose scented products from locally made Lavare Skin Care, & a Back Massage using Cocoa Body Butter! (1hr 30min)

Sugar-Berry Bliss: $70.00 – Enjoy this express relaxation package which includes a 30min Blueberry Facial & a 30min Back Massage using Sugar Body Butter from Lavare Skin Care. (1hr)

Couples Massage: $110.00 -1 hr (Separate rooms)

Schedule online anytime!

Or call us at: 402-488-0026

Don’t forget to schedule ahead – We are here to help with any questions or special requests!

***We also have some exciting news to share shortly ~ Check back soon here at our Blog or find us on Facebook @: Juniper Massage & Spa

Holiday Special

Thank you SO much to everyone that came to our Open House this December! We had a ton of fun celebrating with you! Also, a big thank you to all the vendors that attended this year as well! Here is to 2016! ūüėÄ If you were not able to make it to this years open house, we have another special offer just in time for the holidays, gift certificates make the perfect presents or stocking stuffers!

To round out the year 2015 we have decided to offer a seasonal Holiday Special! The treatment includes a 60min Hot Stone Massage followed by a Pomegranate Facial!

Learn a bit more about the Pomegranate Facial:
Pomegranate provides the perfect comforting warmth and aroma while leaving skin smooth and bright. Witch Hazel calms skin from the harsh effects of winter weather and yogurt moisturizes to soothe dryiness.
Pomegranate Enzyme: Pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant which also brightens the skin. Contains 11% lactic, 4% alpha-arbutin, and 2% salicylic. Perfect for normal, aging, oily, or acneic skin. It promotes deep hydration, reduces oiliness and lightens the skin from irregular pigmentation.

Goji Berry Yogurt Mask: Goji Berry helps in rebuilding the skin by stimulating biosynthesis, fibroblast proliferation and by inhibiting MMP’s. Anti-aging results can be seen by the reduction of lines and wrinkles in addition to an improvement in the skin’s elasticity. Yogurt moisturizes, smoothes and stimulates cellular regeneration.

Here is a bit more about the Hot Stone Massage:
Smooth lava stones are warmed to perfection then glided across the body for deep relaxation. The heat from the stones allows the muscular & connective tissue to release tension & stress. Our therapists will use their skilled techniques to find those areas of the body that need a little extra attention this holiday season!

Hope to see you in soon for this wonderful winter deal!

~ Juniper Massage & Spa