My name is Assel Saparova. I am from Kazakhstan.

Ever since I was a child I had longing to understand who am I and why are we here.

This yearning took me through a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, extensive reading of spiritual literature, yoga, exploration of meditation, sound and vibration and its effects on human body and mind.

This fascination with the healing power of sound led me to the Vibrational Sound Association, and to becoming a VST CP – Vibration Sound Therapy Certified Practitioner.

In 2018 I have also completed a 200 hours yoga teacher training at Lotus House of Yoga.

I believe that we have all answers within us and all that is needed is to slow down, quiet the mind and listen. In order to access inner wisdom and live a balanced life in a joyous state of being, we need a holistic approach. There is an abundant amount of theories and techniques to the spirit-mind-body and I would like to share the knowledge and experiences that I’ve got in my toolbox to assist others on their personal journey to the Self.

My biggest pleasures are spending time with my family and traveling. I also enjoy reading, running and knitting.